Friday, September 28, 2007

Not Yet, But Someday

Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land, Under Starry Skies Above...

OK, you got me...there is no farm, but one day (please let it be sooner than much, much later!) there will be. For now, we're fixing up this house and trying to get it sold. After that? Well, maybe we'll be able to purchase some land, but most likely, we'll buy another house to fix up and sell. Then...then we just might be able to afford some land. And yet, it's possible that we'll have to buy and fix up still another house. But one day...Meadowlark Farms will be our home and the Western Meadowlark will greet us with its beautiful song...

Until that blissful day...I'm going to prepare myself with all I can as far as homesteading and living greener, and believe me - I have LOTS to learn. Maybe you already have a farm, long for a farm like myself, or just like to read about them. Either way, you might learn a little from me (or just laugh at my beginner idiocy) and I sure could learn a lot from you! So join me as I fumble (but triumphantly succeed - hopefully) through this life changing (and soul changing) adventure.

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