Friday, February 1, 2008

The Growing Challenge: Seeds Galore

My journey through seed catalogues is proving to be quite a long process. I have only just recently decided which ones I am going to order from (Territorial Seed Company & Victory Seed Company). While growing up, I remember seeing Johnny's and Cooks laying on a couch or counter where my mom had been purusing through them. When we lived out on my Grandpa's farm, out on the Salmon Tract, my mom planted a big vegetable garden full of peas, beans, carrots, tomatoes, and the like. It was the best thing ever to snap those green pea pods off the vine and pull the string back to reveal the sweetest little tasty morsels, perfect for eating right there on the spot. My mom now lives in town and though the space is limited, she still grows a few edibles - tomatoes, peas, carrots, and herbs, among a few other things. So, when my husband and I were living in the first house we owned, I too planted some vegetables - tomatoes and peppers. I bought them as plants at a nursery and a few from a grocery store. At the time, I knew little about growing vegetables, let alone things such as heirlooms, and making my soil healthy. I just stuck them in the ground and watered them sporadically. The tomatoes did fine, but weren't delicious and the bell peppers tasted like pea pods. Our soil was very poor. It had previously been farmland that had probably been planted over and over with alfalfa, and had been fallow for a while as well. (Every year alfalfa would grow up through our grass, and man those roots go deep!) The next year, I didn't plant anything - and haven't planted anything since. I looked through catalogues every year, and circled what I wanted, but just never made the order. I'm ready again to plant an edible garden. Now I have more motivators, more focus, and much more knowlledge on the subject (but still learning!).

So now that I have my catalogue of choice, I need to figure out what varieties I am going to grow. I truly have to be careful, because my personality tells me to get everything that appeals to my easily stimulated senses, but I know better and realize I need to pace myself in order to have a better chance at success. I am more than thrilled as I think about all the veggies and fruits we'll be feasting on - local and grown by us. And my son, who will be two in March, is going to have the best time digging in the dirt! Dreaming up a bit of summer and spring during these cold filled months certainly helps a little towards getting through the winter. A little.

Of course I will be growing organic produce (I wouldn't have it any other way!), and am glad to be a part of the Victory Garden Drive put together by the inspiring Pattie of Foodshed Planet.

I've also joined The Growing Challenge sponsored by Melinda and Matt at Elements in Time, which I am equally excited about!

Here's looking forward to digging in the dirt! Now what to plant?...

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