Monday, February 4, 2008

Ribbed Progress

I've made some progress on my ribbed scarf. And since this picture was taken a few days ago, I'm a lot further now.

Here's a close-up. I can't believe I'm even letting you get this close. Just don't get too critical - I know there are mistakes. I have picked up dropped stiches with my handy little crotchet hook though (I actually found that to be kind of fun, like walking it up a little ladder. You too? No. OK, it's just me.) I even took out a few rows when a hole was found a bit further down. That, on the other hand, was no fun at all - except for the pulling of the yarn part. I didn't like that I couldn't manage to get a smaller needle in down to where I wanted to rip to, because I wasn't sure which piece of yarn was my stitch at the beginning of the row. So I just decided to carefully as I could pull out to where I wanted to stop, but then both of my end stitches dropped down an extra row. I was able to fix one side by re-pearling it, but the other side I couldn't figure out because the edge is different than a drop stitch in the middle. I just let that stitch be a bit longer and said to heck with it, I'd learn that piece of information the next time it comes up - hopefully not just a few rows later.


Kari said...

Ok, I'll be honest. I don't understand a single thing you said here, but your scarf looks great! You are doing such a good job!!

SegoLily said...

I don't understand it either - and I'm sure that could become a problem. :)

And thanks!